portable firefox 3 mac.png

Last week Windows users got the joy of carrying Firefox 3 in their pockets, and today Mac users can do the same thing! Earlier today Portable Firefox 3.0 for Mac OS X was released, and with it you can carry your browser around with you from one Mac to another.

One of the things that I really like about Portable Firefox 3 for Mac over the Windows counterpart is that it asks whether you want to import your existing Firefox profile into the portable version (as seen in the screenshot above). It will copy over your entire profile including bookmarks, passwords, extensions, history, cookies, and more. Of course Windows users can manually do this with their version of Firefox Portable, but you have to know where your profile is located.

Before getting started with Portable Firefox you’ll want to ensure that there is plenty of space on your memory card or USB drive. For the Mac version they recommend at least 57MB, and the Windows version is about 77MB.

Get Portable Firefox 3.0 for Mac OS X
Get Portable Firefox 3.0 for Windows