Portable Sudoku Everyone is addicted to Sudoku and if you say you’re not addicted then you probably haven’t played it. Online versions have popped up all over the place to help people cope with their addiction. However, you don’t always have an Internet connection wherever you go.

Portable Sudoku may be your solution to feed the addiction. Stick this bad boy on your USB drive and you’ll be all set to get your game on. It has four difficulty levels just to make sure that even the Sudoku Grand Master would be challenged. You can even make little notes in the boxes by holding down shift and selecting a number.

If you have to run and don’t have time to finish your game there is no need to worry. It will automatically save your game when you close the program. Of course, for the cheaters there is also a “Solve Game” feature that will reveal the solution. Maybe just one peek wouldn’t hurt anything. :D

Download Portable Sudoku