There are all kinds of ways out there that you can post messages to your Twitter account, but I think the TwitterBar Firefox extension takes the cake when it comes down to ease-of-use. To send a message a little gray dot will appear next to the Go button, and when you hover over it with your mouse it will turn into the plus sign you see above. It will also tell you how many characters are left.

Clicking on the plus sign will send the message to your Twitter account, and the first time that you do this you’ll have to login. Alternatively you can have something immediately posted by typing –post at the end of the message. This “keyword” won’t be included in your post, but it will send a signal to the TwitterBar extension that you want the message posted without having to click on anything.

I know what you’re thinking… what if I hit the “plus” sign while there is a URL in the address bar? TwitterBar will go ahead and post it of course, but if it’s just a URL that the extension will add “Currently Browsing:” onto the beginning of the message. That way you can post your favorite websites to Twitter with just a single click.

Doesn’t it seem like the once-simple address bar is becoming unbelievably powerful? Not only can you post to Twitter, but you can also search Google using our homegrown CyberSearch extension. What will the address bar do next?

TwitterBar Extension [via Learn Firefox]