It’s one day before the launch of the iPhone and more details are emerging from Apple, and news around the Web continues to be abundant. There’s lots to cover today, so we’ll just sum it up.

Pre-approved credit check a good idea:

First, The Boy Genius Report has an “exclusively obtained leaked document” filled with all kinds of details about what the scene will look like at the store when you go to purchase a phone.

One of those details is that AT&T employees must always offer to complete a pre-approved credit check for every customer purchasing the iPhone with a line of service. If you choose not to run the credit check in the store, you’ll have to do it during the iTunes activation process at home.  The problem is that if your credit is less than desirable and you’re not approved, you’ll have to choose one of the following options:

  • Choose ‘Pick your plan’ (Pay as you go)
  • Pay the $250 security deposit which would require a trip back to the store.
  • Return the product, requiring a 10% re-stocking fee.


So if you know that your credit isn’t great, the pre-approved credit check that you’ll be offered is a really good idea.

Zoho’s Office Suite optimized for iPhone:

IzohoZoho has taken this opportunity to get in on the iPhone craze with iZoho, an office suite optimized just for the iPhone. As of now, you’ll be able to view your existing Zoho files, and edit your Zoho Notebook documents.

Zoho says that they’re working on more features, so keep your eye out for this one.


iPhone “Gotchas”

While there are a lot of great things about the iPhone, there are certainly some drawbacks too. Some of which I’m sure we’ll hear more about in the next few days after masses have had some quality time with their iPhones.

PCWorld has put together a list of 11 iPhone Gotchas, or some drawbacks that you should consider before buying. It’s definitely worth reading.

Among them: Data that crawls, limited third-party apps (hopefully more become available after developers are able to get their hands on a phone), keyboard issues, the cost, battery life issues, and the fact that it’s not really practical for business-people.

Thanks for the tip on this one Cory!

iPhone Premiere Details for Apple Stores

These details apply only to Apple stores, not AT&T stores.

  • All 164 Apple stores will stay open until midnight
  • Each customer may purchase a maximum of two phones on a first come, first served basis.
  • Starting Saturday Morning, iPhone customers can attend “in-depth” workshops all day at Apple Stores
  • Support will also be available at the Genius Bar and through their One to One program.
  • Starting at 6:00 PDT tomorrow, you can go to Apple’s online store to purchase an iPhone.
  • Apple stores will open at 9am on Saturday

If you decide not to get in line tomorrow night, and you plan on waiting until Saturday or another date, Apple has set-up a website so you can check iPhone availability at your local Apple store.

Click here to check availability.

RSS Reader for iPhone

It appears as though Apple has created an RSS reader for the iPhone. If you go to, you’ll notice that it says “This Application is Viewable Only on iPhone.


This is most likely part of their .mac service which requires a paid membership.