Tomorrow is a big day for Microsoft’s Zune.  Not only is it the launch date for their new line-up of Zune’s, but they’re also launching new “Zune Originals.” The site for Zune Originals will go live tomorrow, and customers can go there to customize their Zune by size, color, and more importantly, illustration. The illustrations that consumers can choose from to have placed on the backside of their Zune come from several artists that Microsoft contacted. Consumers can also add four lines of text, and all of this is free of charge for now.

In all, 18 international artists participated and submitted 27 original illustrations. According to Chris Stephenson, Microsoft’s general manager of global marketing for the Zune, they took inspiration from both MySpace and Nike with their NikeID for the MP3 player. This new project not only supports artists, but also gives consumers the opportunity to express themselves.  Microsoft benefits because they will get more direct sales this way- if someone really wants a Zune Original, they’ll need to purchase from Microsoft.

zune originals


We’ve written about the deals that Woot has had on the Zune before, but this one is simply one that’ll be hard to pass up if you’re not interested in buying a Zune Original. Right now the Woot deal of the day is a 30GB Black or White (not the ugly Brown) refurbished Zune for $84.99. You get the Zune plus a bonus travel pack for that price. The best part is, even though it’s an older Zune, all older Zune’s will get the new Zune software — the main difference is simply cosmetic.

The last time that Woot sold the brown version, they ended up selling out by 11am central time. Given that black and white are more popular than the brown, you probably don’t have much time left to purchase one!

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