It was no secret that Firefox and were both expected to be released soon and it looks as though that day will be tomorrow. The dual-release should have been last Thursday but they wanted to wait the weekend to check for any problems before it was released to the masses. There are 183 bugs fixed in Firefox 42 are crashers, 3 are memory leaks, 41 are regressions and 4 are privacy-related bugs.

The FTP shows that Mozilla has released Firefox Release Candidate 3 and since it is the day before it will be available I expect that it will be the final release. The current English build that is available is still from December 4th so I’m sure that this will be the version that Mozilla posts tomorrow. If you don’t want to wait then you can use this downloader to get Firefox RC3 (should be the same as the final release) right now:

For those of you who are still running Firefox then the new should also offer the option to upgrade to Firefox 2. This is considered to be a major update and is one of the goals for the release, so I am hoping that they got it fully implemented and tested in time. The release notes page for both Firefox and are not available right now but they should be as tomorrow afternoon approaches.

It’s time to cross your fingers and hope that your extensions don’t get broken. ;)