Price comparison extension

With the holidays right around the corner it is important to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the gifts you are picking up. There are all kinds of browser extensions out there that can help you save a few dollars, but PriceBlink is one I always use.

PriceBlink is available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari and does price comparison shopping as you browse around some online stores. If it sees that someone else is selling the item cheaper or that there is a coupon available the extension will display a popup bar along the top of the webpage just like in the screenshot above. In my demonstration Newegg is selling a pair of headphones that I can get for half the price somewhere else. That is a pretty big savings.

By my count the service supports upwards of about 5,000 online merchants which means it should work with most of the retailers you shop. If you tend to shop around yourself then you may not need something like this, but if you’re more of an impulse buyer this can save a lot of dough.

PriceBlink Homepage (Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari Extension Available)