Priceline hotel tips

I’ve heard of people getting some great deals on hotels around the world thanks to Priceline. The site lets you place a bid for a hotel based on the location, date of travel, number of stars, and a few other factors. The catch is that if you place your bid too low it likely won’t be accepted, and you won’t be able to place another bid for 24-hours unless you change some of the criteria.

So how can you increase your odds of getting a great price while also having it be accepted the first time around? There are two sets of forums that I generally look at where people share the prices that were accepted and the hotels they were assigned to based on the criteria they specified. Here they are:

  • – Your typical forum-style site that is frequently updated by users with their purchase information. This is normally the first site I check out.
  • – This site isn’t quite as easy on the eyes, and it is not updated as often as the other one. It still serves as a good comparison though.

Before you go placing a bid on Priceline I highly recommend glancing through those sites to get an idea of what offer you might be able to get away with based on the location, travel time, and number of stars you are looking for. The other thing is that you’ll get a good feel for which hotels are offered up in the area you want to stay in.