I can think of a handful of times that I’ve wanted to export a list of all the files from a particular directory so that I could share them with someone else. That kind of task sounds like it should be really easy, but there aren’t too many apps out there that are versatile enough to meet most users’ needs. One that I stumbled across, getFolder, should cover most aspects that you’re looking for in an app like this.

Aside from being both free and portable, getFolder will let you export a list of files and folders to an HTML, XML, TXT, RTF, or CSV file. All of these options mean you can create an ultra-simple list, or get a bit more complex by using a CSV file and opening it up into a spreadsheet app such as Excel.

Looking for more features? getFolder can do basic bulk renaming of files and can filter out results according to criteria you specify. It’s not exactly a ground-breaking program, but since it’s portable I’d say there’s some value in keeping it around for those one-off situations where you need to list out the contents of a folder.

getFolder 2.0 Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)

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  1. This can be replaced by the old DOS redirection:

    dir > file.txt

    There are all kinds of parameters.

  2. it can be done by drag&drop on .bat file:

    dir %1 > file.txt

  3. @niezbo: That doesn’t seem to support more than one file at least in Windows 7. Cool thought though. Props if you can get that working.

  4. I’m using XP ;P
    and i’m not sure what is the difference between w7 and XP in CMD ;/
    You can export file list from multiple directories – max 9 dirs

    dir %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 > “%HOMEDRIVE%\file.txt”

    in %0 is path to Your bat file. If You want to save file list in same place where bat is…

    dir %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 > “%~dp0\file.txt”

    How I wrote – it’s under WindowXP, and I don’t know if it’s the same in W7 ….

  5. Yes, as you guys pointed out (and I should have mentioned in the article) a simple version of this could be accomplished through a DOS command that pipes to a text file. Keep in mind, however, that this utility is much more advanced than what you can accomplish by using a DOS command. The fact that I can save this as a CSV to use in Excel (maybe for tracking an MP3 library) is kinda a key element for me. And being able to filter files by name is pretty nice.

    This app is portable and doesn’t require any installation, which means you aren’t losing much by grabbing it.

    Thanks to everyone who through some of the DOS commands out there though… nothing like a little DOS to get the day rolling. :)

  6. why don’t you try karen’s directory printer?

  7. Hello,
    The newest version is GetFolder, 2.1, there is the ability to automatically resize the images, extract the files from subdirectories in the root folder, organize files into folders alphabetically

    • I find FoFile print is a great little app for print lists of subfolders and files. Is really simple to use and only costs a few bucks. The website address is []

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