Print screen

I know some people who like how basic the Print Screen functionality is when it comes to taking screenshots, but they also wish that it was a little bit easier to save a screenshot to a file. Generally the process involves pasting the screenshot into Paint, and saving it from there. That’s quite a few extra steps it takes. If that sounds familiar you may want to turn your attention to the free Purrint utility. Whenever you take a screenshot using the Print Screen key (including Alt+PrintScr for an active-window screenshot) you’ll be prompted with options to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, print it, or save it to a file.

If you are going to install something to help with screenshots why wouldn’t you go for one of the more advanced screenshot utilities? Well, when I was running this it used less than 0.5MB of memory. That’s impressive, and extremely useful for anyone running a system that has limited resources or anyone that falls into a “very frugal” category.

Purrint Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)