Blogger Beta

It looks like everyone is talking about Google’s new Blogger Beta. It has a whole slew of nice new features that everyone will surely love. The tour that Blogger provides adds a little insight with what you’ll find to be new:

  • Customize your template
  • Create a private blog — kinda, see below
  • Fresh new templates
  • More feed options
  • Updated Dashboard
  • Instant publishing

So it all looks pretty good but the private blog thing is a hot topic over at Micro Persuasion. Steve Rubel found out that he could indeed create a private blog but Google will turn the feed on automatically. While no one can access your blog they would still be able to reach your feed. The quick fix for this would be to turn off your feed completely but Jason Goldman from Google admitted that this is a bug and will be fixed.

It is nice to see Google updating Blogger even though I don’t really use it. I like the fun of playing with PHP code and modifying it until my heart is content. Yeah, I’m a nerd.