I know I’ve run into problems trying to find a domain name in the past, and if you have your own website, you may have had this problem as well.  After brainstorming and coming up with a name, you go to check if it’s available and of course it’s not. Then it’s back to the drawing board to try and find another name. If you’re having problems finding a domain name, try using Bust A Name. Bust A Name helps solve your problem of picking a domain name, and one that’s available.

The whole process is revolved around the keywords that you enter. I wanted to put the service to the test, so I entered a few random words. Once I entered my words, it combined them to offer me available domains.  They also offered alternative words that I could use that were similar to the words that I had entered.



Once you select the domain that you like, you can purchase it. They offer a few different places that you can choose from, along with what the price will be. For example, if I chose conceptgoat.com, I could purchase it from GoDaddy for $6.95 or from Omnis for $7.95.



There are a few customization options that will give you additional possible domain names.  For example, you could switch to searching for .net or. org domains. You could also add a suffix or prefix like “ly,” “ster,” “let,” or “i,” “e,” or “my.” And if you’re wanting to drop the last vowel like Flickr, or Zooomr, that’s an option too.


The only downside as Webware points out is that if you want a name that is already taken, it won’t tell you who owns it or when it expires.

For those of you who have struggled to find a domain name, you’ll wish you knew of this tool before!

Visit Bust A Name to find your domain name.