Project Keifer: Intel's 32-Core Processor In 2010

The world can never get enough computing power which is why bigger and better supercomputers are being released. Our personal desktop machines are also getting faster which means they are able to compute more instructions every second. These high-end super fast computers are normally put to good use by gamers. It looks like Intel has no barrier in sight because they are just about to release Core 2 duo for desktop computers this week and they will focus on the next milestone of quad-core processors. See a trend? Well Tom’s Hardware has noticed a trend and it is a pretty amazing one. Following this pattern means we could see a 32-core processor in just 4 years! That means we will see a performance increase 16x of what is currently on the market. Compare that to past trends:
I have to say I can’t remember performance gains anywhere near 16x in only four years. Comparing a 2002 Pentium 4 3.06 GHz with a Core 2 Extreme 2.93 GHz will give you a two to five fold increase – if most.

It is hard to imagine that large of an advance in the computer industry in just 4 years but it could be possible. This could be slightly optimistic because there are several issues that they could run into while designing and creating these. Imagine the 3D effects your computer would be able to handle because I am sure the graphics cards will also be insanely amazing at that time.