project time manager.jpg

If you are working on a lot of different projects the time management aspect can get difficult. What you need is an app to do the dirty work for you. Oh, look at that… Grindstone is a free Windows program that combines a task list with a time tracker. With it you can create and assign time limits to tasks as well as switch between tasks quickly using the floating bar seen in the top of the screenshot above. It may sound like a basic app, but there is a lot more you’ll find in it.

The cool thing with Grindstone is that it detects when you’re away from the computer, and when you return you’ll be prompted about whether your away time should be associated with a particular task. Otherwise you can just tell Grindstone to mind it’s business and that it was nothing it should be concerned about:

task tracker away.png

Here are some of the other things Grindstone is capable of:

  • Automatic away detection
  • Advanced task and time management functions
  • Customizable billing calculation
  • Automatic backups
  • Profile management
  • Timesheet and invoice generation
  • Reminder system: when you’re not working on a task, when you’ve worked too many hours in a day, when you need to take a break, and more.

Grab Grindstone if you’re looking for a powerful free way to track the amount time you spend on projects.

Grindstone Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)