Opera Mini Banners

So you are an Opera Mini addict and you want to know how to share your addiction with the rest of the world? No problem, there are three great banners that you can choose from to post on your own website. Of the three available there surely has to be one that you like.

Opera Watch has large-scale versions of the three banners along with another promotional image that I didn’t post here (it involves Bill Gates promoting Opera ;) ). I guess these aren’t anything new but I haven’t seen them before and they gave me a good chuckle, so I had to share them with you. The person who made them must have some extreme creativity.

If you use your cellphone to browse the Internet then you should definitely use Opera Mini. I haven’t used it myself because I don’t have the Internet on my phone, but I have seen it in action and the amount of time that it will save you will be enormous. You don’t realize how productive such a small browser can be until you try Opera Mini.