Back last September, Netscape announced they were calling it quits with their “Digg-Clone” social media site and instead were starting something new called Propeller. Essentially Propeller is the Digg-Clone under a new name. They incorporated the typical Netscape orange and green colors into the new logo and called it a day. Nothing really changed with the service other than the name and the logo, until today.

Today Propeller 2.0 launched with a whole new look – a new logo, new colors, and new features. Take a look at the old versus new logo:

propeller logos.png

Aside from changes in color and looks, they also changed the rating system. Before they had an up-down system whereas now they have a 0-10.0 system. Readers can decide how well the story rates. The more people that give it a high rating, the better. They’re calling this “Prop It!” meaning users prop stories they find interesting.

We wouldn’t say we’re crazy about the interface simply because you have to scroll to see the bulk of the news items on the page. They took up important space at the top with the logo, menus, and a cartoon animation of their mascot who is “part professor, part citizen journalist,” and tells visitors that “you pick the news.”


Another big change is that they are integrating Propeller further into AOL News and (AOL owns Netscape). On those sites, Propeller news items will appear to get more exposure.

Overall we still see Propeller struggling to make a name for themselves in the social media space. They tried doing this under the Netscape brand and it didn’t work, then they tried launching Propeller which helped some, but we don’t think a new logo and colors, and a few changes in how the site operates is really going to help them. Any thoughts?