Protect And Defend Your Space With A Room Blaster

Are the ‘Keep Out!’ signs not working for you? Here is the perfect solution for all of the intruding annoyances in your life like co-workers or a boss you just can’t stand. An automated motion sensor detector called a Room Blaster/Room Defender is capable of shooting up to 16 foam disks at any unwanted intruder! It is a cheap way to defend your turf. All you have to do is load the disks and set the room blaster in the direction that you want and arm the defender with one of these four settings:

  • Target
  • Ambush
  • Warning
  • Assault

It will detect any motion, give a verbal warning, then fire a warning shot (1 disk). After the warning shot, it will go to work blasting anyone that comes into your room or office in the same fashion as the robot from Robocop minus the cost. As a bonus, it comes with a remote and at the touch of a button, you can ambush those annoying intruders!