Microsoft has gotten their share of bad publicity lately due to all of the problems with Xbox 360 consoles failing, and the costs associated with those repairs. A recent New York Times article quoted one Xbox owner saying, “You expect somebody’s expensive product to be more durable than that,” when talking about the recent failure of his console. So while the Xbox may have some durability issues, Playstation 3 certainly doesn’t!

The official Playstation blog pointed out a group of Playstation fans who decided to run a stress test on the console to see what it could endure. While Playstation 3 has only a relatively small portion of the market right now, the results of this test definitely give them the bragging rights as the most durable console, it was built like a tank!

Ps3 durable

The testing involved extreme temperatures in different environments, and 108 hours of continuous usage in each situation. The testers alternated between using the console’s Blu Ray player for movies, and game play, and in each situation, the console had 10 centimeters of airflow underneath. The results?

  • Family Room – The most common place to play a PS3. Continuous play for 108 hours and the only observation was “a slight vibration coming from the tray area which lasted approximately 20 seconds”
  • Back of a Freezer Van – Unit inside the van, controllers and screen were outside the van so testers could play games. Temp was at 50 degrees F and went down to 0 degrees F over 4 days. Testers observed “slight sluggishness in playback once the temperature reached 0 degrees, and a sudden blackout which then was attributed to condensation on the cord for the screen. After 108 hours, it was still working fine…
  • Sauna – Next the console was tested in extreme heat with the starting temp. in the sauna at 100F and increasing over the last 24 hours to 120F. Testers observed a “slight burning smell that came in around 64 hours at 110F.” Once removed from extreme conditions, console still worked fine…

I can’t imagine that the “slight burning smell” was good for the console, but it did survive. So while PS3 may not be the best selling console available, it’s definitely durable! Now I’m curious how the Wii and Xbox 360 would hold up under these conditions?

Source: Forum – Thanks Max!