psystar scam Remember the Psystar company that we wrote about yesterday? They are the ones who make the Open Computer that is capable of running Mac OS X, and they’ll even go as far as to preinstall it for you. Because their prices are surprisingly reasonable there has been some concern raised as to whether the company is a scam.

Yesterday the Guardian decided to delve into whether the company is real or not. After a little digging things were not looking so good:

The site was registered in 2000, according to whois, but what’s odd is that searches on Google and on don’t turn up anything about the company before this week. Zip. Zero. Nada.

I called the Miami Chamber of Commerces and its Better Business Bureau. They’ve never heard of it.

I called the company. The automated system asked if I want Sales? Support? Human Resources? Let’s have a laugh and call HR. No reply. (This was 11.45am their time.) Did I want to leave a message? Press the pound key when done. I did. “Error.”

And things progressively got worse. The author noticed that earlier in the day their office was showing up as “10645 SW 112 St, Miami FL 33176” and in the midst of writing his post it had changed to “10481 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33172.” That’s definitely a little eerie.

Some people were even reporting that they were able to complete the checkout process using false information, and that the process wasn’t at all secure. I wanted to see for myself whether that was true, but immediately after adding the item to the cart I was presented with this notification:

Thank you for visiting Psystar. We’re sorry but the store is temporarily down due to the fact that we are currently unable to process any credit card transactions.

And now it seems as though their entire store is down for the same reason. I was hoping that Psystar would come through, but the question of whether this is a scam is definitely sitting in the back of my head. Hopefully some of these machines will make their way out into the wild so that we can rest easy!