Vista Fix Patch Mary Jo Foley has tapped some of her sources to try and get information regarding Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), and it appears that she didn’t come up empty handed this time around. Her sources said that Vista SP1 RC will be in the hands of testers as early as next week, and that the public will be able to get a taste of it the following week. I’m definitely down with that if it works out that way.

Some of you may have already taken advantage of the trick to get Vista SP1 via Windows Update, but that will not be the same build as the Release Candidate. The most current known Vista SP1 build is 6001.17042, but Foley said that Microsoft is running 6001.17051 internally. I suspect that Microsoft has gotten valuable feedback from the thousands of designated testers, and by this point Vista SP1 is probably near production quality.

I put together the image above as a reminder not to disturb the Microsoft engineers at work. We wouldn’t want Vista SP1 to suck as much as Vista currently does. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. ;)