Puppy Linux 3.0 Many of you have probably heard of Damn Small Linux before because of its extraordinarily small size for an operating system, but the new Puppy Linux 3.0 promises the same compactness. The Live CD for Puppy Linux is a whopping 98MB, which means that the entire operating system will likely fit inside the memory of a computer…even those that are ten years old. And because of the tiny size the boot time is often under 30-seconds.

Puppy Linux 3.0 was just released on Tuesday, and since then it has racked in over 5,000 downloads. Prior to that they have had upwards of 65,000 downloads on a single release, so I imagine this one will reach similar heights as time goes on.

Like most Linux distributions you can run it from a CD, but the more unique thing is its CD-RW compatibility. If you’re running Puppy Linux off of a CD-RW it can not only run the operating system and your programs, but it will also write your data back to it! That’s extremely sweet for people who don’t have computers with USB 2.0 support.

The most obvious question that you’re probably asking is what kind of software does this come with? I was wondering the same thing, and seeing that OpenOffice is bigger than the entire operating I didn’t expect that to be included. Here’s a short list of what it comes with:

  • AbiWord for creating documents
  • Composer WYSIWYG for website creation
  • XFinans for financial tasks
  • Gaim/Pidgin for chatting
  • SeaMonkey for web browsing
  • Gnumeric for spreadsheets
  • and more

If you decide to tryout Puppy Linux you should take a peek at the over two-dozen video demonstrations that they have put together.

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Source: Yahoo! News
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