Kaspersky Internet Security Box If you’ve missed out on one of our other security software deals, then this is one you may want to take advantage of. I’ll forewarn you that this does require a mail in rebate, but in the end you can actually make money from it! Oh yeah, and you must purchase this today if you want to cash in on the rebate.

Okay, here’s the deal. Amazon has the Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 available for $56.99, and coincidentally Kaspersky is offering a $65 rebate (PDF) on the product. That’s right, you’ll make $8 for purchasing it! There’s no catch on the rebate other than the purchase must be completed today.

If you’re still not convinced maybe the fact that this is valid for 3-users might be a big upside. That will likely cover all of the computers in your house, and did I mention that you’ll make $8?

Assuming that you make the purchase I recommend printing the rebate right away. That way when you get the package you won’t have to spend any time fumbling around on the Internet looking for it.

[via SlickDeals]