OfficestudentWhile there are several reasons that people refrain from purchasing software, one of the biggest is the price.  Some just aren’t willing to spend money for expensive software like Windows or Office.

It’s been known that students are able to get decent discounts on software which makes the prices much more affordable.  When you think of student discounts, typically you think of college students. 

Did you know that there are actually stores that offer discounts to parents of students who are in any grade from kindergarten on through college? One site even offers it to faculty and janitorial staff of these schools.  Some of them require no proof of “student” or “parent of student” status, while others ask for documentation like a student ID, a report card, pay stub if you’re a teacher, letter of enrollment, etc.

One of the sites that offers the discount to students, and parents of students is Academic Superstore. They require that you prove your eligibility, but after you do that, they keep it on file for 12 months so that you can make multiple purchases throughout the year. There they offer Vista Ultimate for $399 versus the regular price of $499, and Home Premium for $239 from $299.

At the same site, they sell Office Professional 2007 for $169.95 (retails at $499), and the Home and Student version for $139.95. The Office Professional offer is a huge discount. If you look around, they have a lot of great deals on other software like Adobe Photoshop CS2 which retails for $599, and they sell for $289.

Other stores that offer student or student/parent discounts worth checking out include: