It’s often a lot of fun to push things to the limits, and that’s one reason a year and a half ago we installed 200 extensions in Firefox to see how well it would perform. Needless to say Firefox became a little sluggish, and there was very little viewable space since the toolbars occupied a large portion of the screen.

Well, what about putting the entire operating system to the test? Some crazy people decided to do just that. It started with a Mac OS X user who decided to open 150 applications simultaneously on his 2.2GHz MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM. I’m not sure if Expose or the Dock was made for handling this many simultaneous apps, but they still worked:

mac stress test
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Of course a Windows user would have to come back with their own stress test, and one Gizmodo reader didn’t disappoint with his Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz) with 4GB of RAM. He has a video of Vista running 108 applications which were supposedly eating up a mere 30% of his processor. Then after opening the 108 programs he got bored and gave up. Gizmodo has a video of the desktop in action, which really shows off how well Vista’s Flip3D performs.

vista stress test

What amazes me is that these people had that many applications to run! I think there are about 30 or maybe 40 different programs on my computer, and I wouldn’t be able to stand the additional clutter that 100+ apps would create.