Manage Search Engines

I’ll give you a heads up that this extension is really just for those of you who heavily use the built-in Firefox search box. The Organize Search Engines extension will help remove some of the clutter from the search box drop-down menu.

How it works is rather simple. From the drop-down list you select the Manage Search Engines where you will be presented with a window to reorder the sites you currently have setup (on the left side of the screenshot above). In addition to being able to reorder the sites, you’ll also be able to create new folders to organize your search engines. Once done the end result will be a less cluttered menu of search engines (on the right side of the screenshot above).

This isn’t something that I would actually use myself because I hardly use that search box as it is. I have keywords setup so that I can always use the address bar to do my searching. How many of you actually use the browser’s built-in search box for searching a variety of sites?

Download the Organize Search Engines extension [via How-To Geek]