Close Maximize Minimize Left Side

Windows users have undoubtedly become accustomed to having the minimize, maximize, and close buttons located in the upper-right corner of every window. Mac’s, on the other hand, have those buttons located in the upper-left corner of each window. Switching between the two operating systems can be rather tedious since you have to get used to two different button layouts.

Then there are programmers who get clever ideas that tackle common annoyances. One such programmer has done just that, and has found a way to make Mac users feel a bit more at home when using Windows. The program is called LeftSider, and it’s free, small, and requires no installation. You can download the XP/Vista 32-bit or Vista 64-bit versions from our mirrors, extract the files, and run the executable that’s included.

Immediately after running it you should see the icon/title switch positions with the buttons (as pictured above). The program creates an icon in the System Tray where you can enable/disable the left-sided alignment of the minimize, maximize, and close buttons. And if you want it to start with Windows just place it in the Startup folder located in the Start Menu.

At first I thought it was pretty cool being able to switch things up like this, but I quickly realized how much I miss having the buttons located in the upper-right corner. It’s almost as if my mouse naturally gravitates that way, and when the buttons are in the other corner it screws everything up. ;)

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

LeftSider Homepage [via WinMatrix]