If you have a Flickr account set up, or maybe there’s an account owned by someone else that’s filled with pictures that you enjoy, you can put those photos to good use.A program called Flickr Desktop Wallpaper will select images randomly from a Flickr account of your choice and turn them into a pattern of tiled images.


  • Select the opacity of the images (lighten, darken)
  • Choose how often you want the wallpaper to change
  • Go to the system tray when minimized

The image below (source) shows what Flickr Desktop Wallpaper looks like.


There are many great photographers who post their photos publicly on Flickr, so if you don’t have an account of your own, you could find one that you like and use their photos.

One Flickr account worth checking out has a lot of awesome photos which we’ve written about before. In fact, two of them are part of the default Vista Wallpapers.

Another great source is the Spectacular Landscapes Group over at Flickr where there are mounds of great photos from thousands of members who become part of the group by invite only. Nearly every photo I’ve seen in this group deserves to be there.

The developer appears to be pretty open to new features, so if there’s something you’d like to see, let him know.

Download Flickr Desktop Wallpaper