A few weeks ago we mentioned a new JavaScript version of the Google Notebook that was popping up on search results pages. We guessed that the next thing someone would put together for this would be a bookmarklet…and we were kinda close.

Much like the Google Talk gadget you can also put your Google Notebook in a Firefox sidebar. This gives you easy access to all of your notes no matter which site your on, and the best part is that you don’t have to install an extension. The process of getting the Notebook in your sidebar is actually pretty easy:

  1. Right-click on this URL: http://www.google.com/notebook/ig?hl=__MSG_locale__ and bookmark it.
    Google Notebook Firefox Sidebar
  2. After you have saved the bookmark, go back to the Bookmarks menu and right-click on the bookmark. Choose the Properties option.
    Google Notebook Firefox Sidebar
  3. Now check the box that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar:
    Google Notebook Firefox Sidebar
  4. Now each time you open that bookmark it will appear in the sidebar:
    Google Notebook Firefox Sidebar

It worked so smoothly that I thought I would try it in Opera. Just like Firefox, in Opera you can set bookmarks to open up in the sidebar (which Opera calls Panels). This is an option you can set when bookmarking a link in Opera as seen here:

Google Notebook Opera Sidebar

The Google Notebook site looked fine in Opera’s sidebar just like with Firefox, but there was a lot of functionality that didn’t work quite right. So for the time being there is still no way to get Google Notebook to work properly in Opera, but maybe a fix will eventually emerge.

Thanks to Trip for sending in the tip!

Source: Mitchelaneous


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  1. First time I’ve looked at Google Notes and believe it will be great as opposed to all of those scraps of paper on my desk.

    Problem: When opened by clicking on the bookmark it insists on signing into my home page, not opening signing into Notebook, which then opens in the Notebook and can’t find a way to get it of there. Alternative is to first go on line and sign into Google Notebook, then the sidebar will open as a notebook!

    Second thought: Using a keyword does not cause the bookmark to open the sidebar. How can it be opened quickly without going into bookmarks? Is there a way to put an icon in the status bar (as the Google extension does)?

  2. I’ve been thinking about the keyword search and can’t come to a conclusion as to how you can get that to work. If you wanted to put the icon in your Status Bar it would require its own extension (as far as I know) to do that, but you could put it in the Bookmarks toolbar.

    I just wish Google would get their developers together and tell them to make a way to use the Google Notebook without needing an extension…and that works in more than just Firefox and Internet Explorer. I’m sure Opera and Safari users would love to dabble with it as well.

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