The Firefox Downloads window and Add-Ons page are probably some of the things that I use the most in Firefox. I’m constantly accessing them, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was a little easier? It sure would and in a few simple steps you could have both of those windows comfortably resting in your sidebar. Let’s take a look at how this could be done (without installing an extension)…

Firefox Sidebar

  1. Go to the Bookmarks Menu -> Organize Bookmarks -> New Bookmark.
  2. Name the bookmark whatever you would like. 
  3. Use the following addresses in the Location box of the bookmark: 
    • Add-Ons: chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul
    • Downloads: chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul
  4. Make sure to check the Load this bookmark in the sidebar box and press OK:
    Firefox Sidebar for Extensions
  5. You may also want to put the link in your Bookmarks Toolbar for quick access.

That was pretty simple, but if you want to do it even easier you can just download and install the All-in-One Sidebar extension. It not only puts your downloads and extensions in the sidebar, but also puts nearly everything else in there. You can have a page’s source code, page information, history, and bookmarks appear in the sidebar with the click of a mouse. If you’re trying to conserver some room you can also have the extension auto-hide the sidebars just like how Opera does.

I think sidebars are quickly becoming a huge part of applications to display information that is only needed from time to time. Opera has really done a lot with their sidebar and I would expect to see other browsers embrace the sidebars more as well.

 Source: Firefox Extension Guru