Quicken Online

Quicken announced in a press release yesterday that come this fall they were going to be starting an online version of their financial management software. It has currently been undergoing tests by a closed set of people, but starting September 10 they will be opening the doors to thousands of others who eagerly await Beta testing. That’s just one day after the Quicken 2008 software hits the shelves of retail stores.

I’m not too fond of using online services to manage my money, but Quicken has a good reputation behind them which they’ll need to earn the trust of people. Would you use any online service, even a secure service like Quicken, to store your personal financial details?

I used to have Quicken in it’s early days, but it quickly became more extravagant than I needed. I’m kind of a control freak when it comes to my finances, and it’s something that I want done my way. So for at least 4-years now I have been using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all my finances…down to the penny. All non-cash transactions are logged in my workbook among a multitude of sheets, with custom backend code handling much of the processing.

When I open up the workbook I’m presented with a nice overview of all my finances, and I can see in a glance when bills are coming up. Honestly, when people see my spreadsheet they think I’m crazy for making it myself, but without it I would be lost.

So what do you use to keep track of your finances, and would you be willing to throw that information up on a site (even if it is secure)?

Source: Webware [via DownloadSquad]