Task Killer I’m sure many of you open up the Task Manager at least a few times each day to shutdown a program, or to check to see which programs are eating up a lot of memory. All of the Task Manager addicts out there will love this free program.

The app is called Task Killer, and it adds an icon to your System Tray for pulling up a list of running processes and programs. In one click you can have a program shutdown, or it will take two clicks if you enable the “prompt before terminating” option in the settings.

One of the other nice things with Task Killer is that you can assign hotkeys to bring up a list of running processes, services, and/or windows. You can also have certain processes excluded from the list so that they never show up. This is great for all of the built-in Windows processes that you never mess with anyway.

Task Killer (requires installation, and does work on Vista despite not explicitly saying that it does)
[via Lifehacker]