Looking for some place to quickly store a few notes? Webnote is just the right thing for that purpose. You can create your own notes page without ever having to register for an account. Once you are on the Webnote homepage you’ll notice the “Load” box towards the upper-right corner. Just type any name in there and it will load a fresh notes page for you…unless someone else has already used that page.

If you type in “cybernetnews” into the Load box it will pull up the notes that you see in the screenshot above. You can also give direct hyperlinks, such as this one for the example above, that will take people to your notes page. This makes it obvious that there is a lack of security but that is the trade-off that is needed for easy access and collaboration. Of course you could always pick a lot of random characters and then it would be pretty hard for someone to guess the name of the page.

Once in the notes screen you can customize the color or position of all the notes so that it is just the way you like it. You can even get an RSS subscription to your notes page to see if someone adds some new notes. I’ve now got my “personal” Webnote’s page bookmarked so that I can quickly take multiple notes if I need to sometime.

Thanks to Radu for the tip!