One thing that I absolutely love about the new Firefox 3 is its ability to bookmark a site in one-click using the star button in the address bar. It doesn’t organize my bookmarks, but it makes for a great way to temporary bookmark a site.

With the new TagMarks extension you can alleviate part of that problem. What it does is display additional icons in the address bar that only appear when you hover over the gold star. Clicking on one of the icons will bookmark the site, but it will also apply a specific tag to the bookmark depending on what icon you clicked. You can apply multiple tags by clicking on as many of the icons as you want.


There are a few ways that the extension tries to keep the clutter to a minimum. First off, when you’re not hovering over the gold star the icons will be hidden, except for those you’ve applied to the current site. Secondly, only a handful of icons are shown when hovering over the star. To see more of the icons you need to place your mouse over the arrow located next to the leftmost icon.

If you take a look in your Bookmarks menu you’ll also see an option to open up a page containing your TagMarks. From there you can click on one of the respective icons to see all of the bookmarks with that tag.

tagmarks homepage.jpg

Overall I’d say that this extension is can be very helpful in making sense of your one-click bookmarks, but I think it needs some customizability. Users should be able to choose which icons show up in the bar, and also what tag gets applied when selecting a particular icon.

TagMarks Extension [via Firefox Facts]