aero off.pngI think Microsoft did a great job with the Aero transparency interface in Vista, but there might be times were you’d want to turn it off. Maybe you’re trying to take a screenshot and don’t want to include the contents seen through the window? The normal process that you would have to go through takes several clicks of the mouse:

  1. Open Appearance Settings by clicking Start -> Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Window Color and Appearance.
  2. Uncheck the box labeled Aero Transparency, and then press OK.

Alternatively Windows Vista Magazine has a quick guide that will put the option to turn the Aero transparency on and off in the desktop’s right-click menu. There’s no software to install… it’s a simple registry hack. This makes it a lot easier to turn toggle the feature on or off at a moments notice.

Turning off the transparency alone probably won’t save a lot of your system’s resources since it doesn’t shutdown the Desktop Window Manager (DWM), but I can see how some people would want to do this on a temporary basis.

[via Lifehacker]