QuickSilver The developer of the famed Quicksilver application (Macs only) has decided to open up the source code for the program. Is it a big deal? A lot of people are excited about the news, but Quicksilver was already designed to be an extremely extensible system via plugins. The real benefit of this being open source is that users may submit bug fixes themselves, thereby easing the burden placed on the Quicksilver developer.

There was also some thought as to whether this could be ported over to other platforms, such as Windows and Linux. I looked through the source code for Quicksilver, and I noticed that it uses Cocoa (Apple’s object-oriented programming language) quite often. To put it simply it would be a chore to port Quicksilver over to Windows or Linux, so I don’t expect to see that happening.

It looks like for now Windows users will still have to choose from one of the other several application launchers available, with the most popular probably being Launchy (review).

Quicksilver Source Code
Quicksilver Homepage
[via Ars Technica]
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