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A lot of people have heard about the negative impact using Adobe Flash can have on your notebook computer, such as the MacBook Air. Apple even went as far as not including Flash when shipping new MacBook Air computers, and it’s likely because of the battery implications it can have.

There is a free little app called FlashFrozen that wants to help give you the best of both worlds. It adds a Menubar icon with the Flash logo, and it will light up red when Flash is using a customizable amount of your CPU. By default it turns red when it is using more than 30% of the CPU, and if you click on it while it is red the Flash process will be immediately terminated. That means it also doubles as a quick way to forcefully quit the Flash process if you see it unnecessarily using your system’s resources.

So what’s the catch? This only works with the 64-bit Safari browser on Snow Leopard, Firefox 4 on Snow Leopard, and Chrome on Leopard or Snow Leopard. Why the browser limitation? It is because FlashFrozen requires the Flash plugin to be isolated from the browser’s process, and these are the browsers that support plugin isolation.

FlashFrozen Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)
Note: This is also available for free on the Mac App Store