Radiohead is an English alternative rock band that has been around since 1992.  Last year a big deal was made with their In Rainbows album because they were the first to sell it through their own site as a digital download and then the buyers chose the price they wanted to pay (this is similar to the approach that Nine Inch Nails is taking with their latest album). Now a big deal is being made over how Radiohead is choosing to produce a music video for the previously mentioned album… they’re turning to their fans and asking them to do the work!

It’s being called The Radiohead In Rainbows Contest, and unlike most music videos out there, the group wants an animated video. To do this, they’ve partnered with a fairly recent start-up called Aniboom. The best way to describe Aniboom is that they’re the YouTube of animation, a “cross-media, cross-platform animation content project which addresses wide audiences through a range of genres, techniques and means.”

aniboom video contest

The competition started yesterday and anybody is able to upload a storyboard (whether it be sketches or a fully developed animated video clip). Starting on April 7th, users will be able to rate the storyboards that were submitted.  From there, 10 finalists will be selected and then given $1,000 to create a one minute video clip that is based upon their storyboard using songs from the In Rainbows album. Once again, users will vote and the five highest ranked clips will be presented to Radiohead. They’ll select the winner who will receive $10,000 to create a full music video.

Given all of the amateur video producers out there who submit some pretty decent content to sites like YouTube, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see other musicians turn to their fans and the plethora of online media sources to produce their videos.

Source: Read Write Web