RapidShare has always been one of those sites that has seemed rather clunky. When you visited it to download a file you had to spend too much time trying to navigate around just to find where you could initiate the transfer. That’s not the case anymore! They’ve actually revamped the interface, cleaned up the site, and it’s not half bad.

If you’re not a paid premium user you’ll still have to wait for your downloads to begin, and also enter in a captcha, but getting from point A to point B is a smooth experience. Or you might get lucky and hit what they refer to as “happy hour,” where all restrictions are removed for free users (no captchas or download timers) for a short period of time.

Take a look at what the new download page looks like (the timer is replaced with the captcha once it finishes counting down):

rapidshare redesign.png

Those of you who have forked out the money for a RapidShare premium account will also enjoy the increased download limits: you can now grab 50GB of files in a 5-day period instead of just 25GB. A premium account is about $10 per month when purchased one month at a time, but you can receive rather significant discounts depending on how much you pay ahead of time. If you’re a regular over at RapidShare I’m sure the premium account would be well worth it.

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