RapidShare Alexa

I can’t believe it took them this long but RapidShare can now be found at RapidShare.de AND the new RapidShare.com. I never thought to see what was available at RapidShare.com before now but looking at the history of that URL reveals a that a previous company owned that address.

I decided to take a peak at the Alexa rank for RapidShare.com which obviously shows the traffic spike that the new URL has had. Today’s ranking for that address is 254 which is pretty good considering it has only been a few days and the RapidShare.de address is ranked 22. I’m sure it is also helping that the team is pushing people to use RapidShare.com because if you try to upload a file on RapidShare.de it says that all of the disks are full and you need to use RapidShare.com.

Digital Inspiration also mentioned that the RapidShare.de domain was banned from using Google Adsense for advertising but the new domain gets a fresh start. They should be fine as long as they keep the illegal software off of their servers, which is what got them banned last time, but I’m sure that is no easy task. They’ll probably be banned again in no time. ;)