I think one word sums this all up…WOW! RARHost.com (just released today) is a file sharing site much like RapidShare is, but all of the files have to be in RAR format. So you are probably wondering “how this is any better if it only accepts RAR files?”

For starters you can upload files immediately without needing to create an account. You are limited to 200MB files which will satisfy the needs of most people. It will walk you through a few steps and ask you some questions. One question is whether you want the download page to display the contents of the RAR archive. That is one of my favorite features because now you can see exactly what you are downloading before you even download it.

It took about 10 seconds to answer the couple questions they had about the file and at the end I was provided with the download URL and a URL to delete the file. If you are a member of RARHost it will save all of the links for you, otherwise you better copy the links because once you leave the page it is not possible to get them back.

There is no search feature on the site which my first impression led me to be disappointed. Then I realized how nice that really is because only people that I give the link to will know the URL that lets them download the file. You could say that it is a small privacy feature.

Here is the download link for the CyberNet Logo. From the screenshot taken above you can see that it shows the contents of the archive on the left side, some details in the center, an advertisement (they have to make money somehow), and then the download link at the bottom. That’s right…no countdown timer! The download link is provided immediately on the page.

Looking at their statistics page shows that they currently only have 2 servers hosting the site. With how great the site is I have a hunch that they will need to get a few more online to handle the traffic :) .