Mac remote desktop

I have a pretty even mix of Windows and Mac computers in my house, and from time to time I find myself wanting to remotely connect to one of my Windows machines from a Mac. That’s not a problem since Microsoft makes their own Remote Desktop client for Mac OS X, but it’s not exactly the best utility to use if you are doing this on a semi-regular basis. If you fall under the same umbrella as I do then you should check out CoRD for the Mac.

This free utility is excellent for a number of reasons, but in general I just like how it handles connections to multiple Windows machines. I can remote in to a number of computers simultaneously, and all of their sessions are maintained in a single window. There are a number of apps on the Windows side that do this sort of thing, but CoRD is one of the only ones I’ve seen on the Mac side. Here are some of the other features it offers:

  • View each session in its own window, or save space with all sessions in one window.
  • Scale session windows to whatever size fits you — the screen is resized automatically.
  • Enter full screen mode and feel like you’re actually at the computer.
  • The clipboard is automatically synchronized between CoRD and the server.
  • Save server information, then quickly connect to that server by using HotKeys or the server drawer. This makes quickly connecting to a specific server easy, even when managing many servers.

Any household or business where you are using a Mac but manage multiple Windows machines will find CoRD to be a huge convenience.

CoRD Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)