ReactOS Looks And Feels Like Windows XP

Recently ReactOS 0.3 RC1 was released for the public to download. ReactOS is an Operating System that will allow you to run your Windows applications, such as the Visual Studio 2005 pictured above, without the need for running Windows. They are working with the Wine project to get binary compatibility for drivers and applications that are made for Windows NT and XP. This is supposed to be a huge step in creating a Microsoft compatible Operating System.

Take a look at the screenshot gallery if you are interested in seeing some more applications running on ReactOS. You can also browse and search for applications that are currently compatible with the Operating System.

It is nice to see such an ambitious project in the making. Wine is becoming more and more popular as Microsoft continues to raise their prices on the cost of Windows, therefore pushing people to look for alternatives. The real question is whether Microsoft is going to push to much when Vista gets released?