If you are at work then you should be working, right? Well, maybe not all of the time. Say you want to take a quick break and checkout the news, but you are afraid of those wandering eyes that might catch you. What you need is something that is more work friendly…how about!

This is will transform any site into an all-text site and make it look like you have Microsoft Office open. It will also re-code all of your hyperlinks so that they open in the Work Friendly window. What do you do when the boss comes? Simply hover your mouse over the “Boss Key” and the site’s content will be replaced with an article about managing your time and overcoming procrastination!

This is pretty cool and I love how the developer copied the Office design, but wouldn’t you think that Microsoft will go after them for some kind of copyright infringement? It may be interesting to see if Microsoft decides to leave them alone.

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