Feed Crier Have a hard time keeping up with your favorite RSS feeds? Feed Crier is here to help you. It’s a free service that requires no registration, but with it you can get notified of new items in some of your favorite RSS feeds.

If your’e using AIM, MSN, Jabber, or Google Talk you just need to add the following bot to your list of friends:

  • FeedCrier on AIM
  • feedcrier@feedcrier.com on MSN, Jabber, and Google Talk

After Feed Crier has been added as a friend in your instant messenger you can send it one of the following commands to manage your feed subscriptions:

  • subscribe [URL] – Subscribes to the web site at URL.
  • unsubscribe [URL] – Unsubscribes from the web site at URL.
  • list – Shows all the sites you’re subscribed to.
  • help – Shows this list of supported commands.

I tried it out and it’s actually pretty nice. As you can see in the screenshot above each feed item includes the title, hyperlink, and a brief summary of the article’s content. You definitely won’t want to use this for any highly active sites because it will be popping up with messages all of the time. If you only want to track a site that posts a few times a day it shouldn’t be too bad.

Feed Crier [via Lifehacker]