Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision have announced the latest in e-Readers called the “Cellular-Book.” More details are expected next week at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, but for now we have pictures and general information to give you an idea of what to expect.

Initially, this “Cellular-Book” will only be available in the Italian market.  What makes it unique is that it features a roll-able, foldable display.  The reader can extend all the way to five inches for easy reading and viewing, yet folds up to a small device around the size of a cell phone.

With the rollable display you can read newspapers, electronic books, RSS feeds, even your email.  There are 16-levels of gray which makes reading the content easy on the eyes. Later versions of the product are expected to incorporate color. Additionally, it has the ability to download and play music, audiobooks, and podcasts. It takes only one hand to navigate and control your device, and even more impressive is that you can use the device for around 10 days of average use between charges.

Using a mini-USB slot, you can connect to a PC so that you can enable wireless broadband data connections. In order to download maps, email, and music, it connects to a GSM data network. Storing e-books and other content isn’t a problem with 4GB (and up) of built-in storage space. Unfortunately, like other electronic readers, the Cellular-Book does not have a back-light which means you need to have good lighting conditions to be able to read the content on the screen. This of course, is one of the reasons it has an impressive battery life.

There’s no word on what the pricing is going to be, and of course it’s limited availability for now will keep most of you from getting your hands on one.  It’s due out later this year in Italy, and will hopefully make it’s way to the States.

Source: Thanks for the tip OldManDeath!