Reader for chrome

The Reader addition in Safari made it easier to read articles on websites, but that feature isn’t unique to Safari. Most other browsers offer a similar option through the use of extensions, and one of my favorites is iReader for Chrome and for Firefox. It will take just about any article and strip out the ads, simplify the layout, and assemble multi-page articles into a single scrollable article.

To activate iReader you just have to click the icon that shows up in the address bar after installation. If you don’t see an icon then that means you are on a page that must not support iReader. There are also some settings you can tinker with for things like the article width, background opacity, and a keyboard shortcut for faster access to iReader.

When reading an article you can hover over the bottom of the page to have a toolbar appear where you can increase/decrease the font size, enable/disable images, and more. In all I’d say this is pretty nice for reading articles from multiple sites in a consistent manner.

iReader for Chrome and iReader for Firefox