Free windows backup

When it comes to my most important files I always have several copies distributed between multiple hard drives and offsite locations. This means I do a lot of backups, and an app called Bvckup has serious potential at making my onsite operations much easier.

The shining point of Bvckup is the shear simplicity coupled with all the right features. You can have it do real-time monitoring of folders so that files are backed up as they are added/modified, and it will only copy over the modified parts of files to keep the transfer amounts to a minimal amount. Nice, huh? Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

  • Real-time, periodic or manual backups: Continuously monitor folders for changes and update their backup copies immediately after the originals are modified. Or run backups at fixed time intervals.
  • Delta file copying: Reduce the amount of data being transferred by copying modified parts of the files only. This speeds up the backup, in many cases – dramatically.
  • Precise file replication: Copy not only the file data, but also the attributes, timestamps, NTFS security and ownership information.
  • Intelligent error handling: Rest assured that an issue with a specific file will not preclude the rest of the backup from completing. The program differentiates between file-specific and global errors and handles them differently.
  • Powerful and intuitive file filtering: Specify an exact set of files to be backed up using simple and flexible folder and file filtering system.
  • Streamlined and uncluttered user interface: The program is designed around the simplicity of a day to day use. Clear status indication, concise error reporting and a one-click access to detailed status information when you need it.
  • NAS and HDD friendly: Eliminate unnecessary spin-ups of idle hard drives by not touching the destination when there are no local changes.
  • Light on requirements: Run the program under regular user accounts as it installs no drivers or services, requires no reboots and, with an exception of shadow copying, needs no administrative privileges.

Now that I’ve wet your appetite I have to break some bad news. The app is free only while in Beta, and will run you $20 if you hold off on downloading it until it is released in the future. The good news, however, is that their site says:

Additionally, we are planning on issuing complimentary production licenses to all our beta users as a token of appreciation for helping us through the beta.

Bvckup Beta Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)