Every now and again I use StumbleUpon to see what kind of unique sites I can find, and last week I found a rather nifty one called Keyboardr. It’s a search engine that distinguishes itself by not actually having (or needing) a search button. Results are show to you in real-time as you type.

Off to the side of the page you’ll also see the top result from Wikipedia, some videos from Youtube, Google Image results, and even Google Blog results. The whole interface is designed to to be navigated using only the keyboard, so you shouldn’t even have to put your hand on the mouse.

The downside? Only eight search results from Google are displayed. You can always click the “All Results” link to be taken directly to Google to view more matches, but since this is using the same API as our CyberSearch extension I know it’s possible for the developer to program this to retrieve multiple pages of results. In fact they should just make it so that as you scroll down the page it keeps fetching more results. That would make it perfect, and especially handy as a homepage that the browser displays each time you create a new tab.

Tip: Pressing the ESC key will clear out the results shown on the page, and it will focus/clear the search box.

Keyboardr Homepage