It’s amazing to think about how much has changed with Google Reader since it was released back in October of 2005. They’ve done a great job of making some major revisions to the service by adding new features and tweaking the interface so that it’s easier and more efficient to use. Some of the most useful features that they’ve added are the keyboard shortcuts, offline access, the option to search in all feeds across all updates from subscriptions, and the choice between list view or expanded view. Yesterday they announced two more features that I think you’ll find just as useful- personalized recommendations and easier organization with the option to drag-and-drop feeds.

top recommendations google reader Personalized recommendations will be great for those of you who want to find more feeds to add to your list that might interest you. When you log in to Google Reader, you’ll notice to the right a section that says “Top Recommendations.” Then click “View all” and you’ll be taken to the “Discover and search for feeds” page.  There you’ll see a whole list of feeds that they think you may find interesting.  This is based upon other feeds that you subscribe to, and your Web History data, so it should be pretty relevant.

drag-drop google reader To help organize all of your feeds, they’ve made it easier with a drag-and-drop feature.  Not only can you drag and drop items in folders, you can also drag and drop your subscriptions. Just click on an item and drag it to where you’d like it to be and then drop it. It’s pretty cut and dry and should help make organizing all of your feeds much easier.

Source: Google Reader Blog