Domain NameUp to now the most expensive domain name ever sold was for an estimated $7.5 million in stock during the dot-com boom (1999). Of course that was followed by a reported $12 million sale for the domain name just last year. Now there is another one that can be added to the record books:!

The new owner of the domain is MXN who had this to say on their site:

Plans for the new PORN.COM were not immediately revealed, and the new owner considers its development to be a “longer-term project”.

“We will take our time with PORN.COM”, says a representative of MXN Ltd. It does not need to transform overnight. In the meantime, we will keep it parked with, a leading domain name monetization company”.

“The possibilities with PORN.COM are limitless,” says the new owner. “To rush its development just to get something brand new ‘live’ would be foolish. We will carefully evaluate our options before we decide the direction we wish to take it”.

The domain was originally being sold at an auction, among others, but failed to hit the reserve price even with bids in the $7 million range. Private talks between MXN and the owner of the domain were held after the auction, which resulted in the sale.

Just last year a similar auction was held, and here was what some of the 115 domains sold for:

  • – $1.5 million
  • – $200,000
  • – $150,000
  • – $149,000
  • – $130,000
  • – $120,000
  • – $120,000
  • – $120,000
  • – $100,000
  • – $60,000
  • – $45,000
  • – $32,000
  • – $30,000

Next month another domain name auction is going to be held in New York at the World Association of Domain Name Developers conference. So if you’re looking to get domains like,,, or you better get your checkbook ready!

Source: Computer World